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ELGATO Wave 3 Microphone

The ELGATO Wave:3 is a high-end digital microphone and mixing system with broadcast-quality components that is as simple to use as a plug-and-play device. With the Wave Link app, you can integrate all of your audio sources into a single stream without ever having to worry about clipping again, and you can even make two separate mixes (one for you and one for your audience).

Elegant in design, with flawless sound quality and responsive tactile controls, is the Elgaot WAVE: 3 Microphone & Digital Mixing Solution. Wave:3 has a respectable visual and auditory profile without drawing too much attention to itself.
The cable length is 2.5 metres.
This device utilises a USB Type-C connector.
Powerful silencer with adjustable sensitivity.
Mic may be positioned anyway you like.
Two-year warranty from the manufacturer.
For filmmakers and individuals who want to share their work with the world, ELGATO has developed its Wave 3 sound capture technology. The Near Field Communication technology incorporates stereo shotgun microphones that can record sound from a user’s surroundings and transform it into a digital audio file.

The third-generation ELGATO shooter is fully functional without the need for an iOS device. When creating music videos in areas where Wi-Fi or other acoustic settings have problems providing authentic sound, the ELGATO converter divides the message into several streams before multitracking directly into Pro-Tools.

In general, ELGATO transforms regular optical HMDs into full-vision capture devices, utilising depth sensing by cameras of at least 90 frames per second and a resolution comparable to 1080p. This paves the way for effective motion tracking and game analysis solutions revolving around the following points of interest: The video snippets are not yet accessible, but they will be posted on their website in the near future.



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